Monday, June 21, 2010

This Summer Is Going To Be Anything But ROUTINE - Help!

Hello Aspierations Friends,

Welcome to the first official day of Summer!  Ryan was so excited this morning.  He has a calendar he changes daily with the day, month, season, weather and the emotion he's feeling and today he got to change Spring to Summer!  :-)

(This was from his birthday but it gives you an idea of what the calendar is like)

This is part of Ryan's daily routine and ever since Ryan got out of school last week, it has been practically the ONLY THING in his day other than bedtime that has stayed on schedule.  It has indeed been a challenge and although I love my boys, my schedule is REALLY off too!  The power-work I could usually get done in the time we had both boys at school is now taking many extra hours to do.  Of course, in addition to being business owner, blogger, entrepreneur, family financial manager, wife and Mom, I am also filling in with John as Summer Entertainment Director because goodness knows, there is "nothing to do" around here. 

Parents, I would think many of you can empathize! In just two days after school ended, "I'm BOOOOOOOORED!", "Can I download this software? It's only $100.", "Can I have Cheetos as my lunch?" and "Mom, come play EYEBALL and wrestle" are now becoming part of the daily vernacular in the Krejcha household.  Of course, Ryan is easier to entertain than Justin.  He loves his cars, he loves Tom & Jerry, he loves blowing bubbles and playing outside and he loves being in motion.  He's constantly seeking thrills and as such, we are regularly on-call to monitor him and to make sure our house isn't completely torn up. 

Incidentally, I've also noticed that Ryan has decided now that school is out, clothing is optional again after coming out of the bathroom.  He also needs to announce his bowel movements.  (TMI, I know.) After a school year of working on getting him potty trained, we're totally hoping there won't be a regression over the summer.  The summer of 2009 was definitely the one of the "incredibly naked baby"... as he loved to declare to the world!

Yes, both Justin and Ryan finished their school year last week.  Ryan completed his first year of preschool and Justin was "promoted" from 5th grade to middle school.  (For some silly reason, they called it promotion and not "graduation".  Don't ask me why!)  We're so proud of them both!

Here's Justin getting his "Promotion" certificate from his teacher, Mrs. Schwartz. Wonderful teacher!

Of course, Card and Party doesn't carry, "Promotion 2010" napkins and favors, so when we had our Old Spaghetti Factory Party celebrating the end of school, we had to settle with "Celebrate 2010"

I don't think the boys minded though.  The spaghetti still seemed edible!

Spaghetti could be eaten in our household every day!

Before the school year ended, Ryan's preschool celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a fun party at the school for current and former students, teachers and families.  Here is Ry in a photo earlier this month with his teacher, Mrs. Boule' and her teaching assistant, Leslie.  Both these ladies are AMAZING.  Ryan came a long way in the 2009-2010 school year and we believe that if he continues to progress at the same pace in 2010-2011, he'll be able to start Kindergarten in Fall 2011 at our local elementary school in a typical classroom with learning support, a program like SCIP and probably a shadow. 

Academically, Ryan is very gifted but socially, emotionally, rules and safety-wise, he's still at least a year behind.  Because he's so tall, people assume he's 5 or 6 and already in Kindergarten or 1st Grade.  They're shocked when they find out he just turned 4 in late May. Of course when people make the natural assumption he's older and try to communicate, it makes for a challenge but Ryan is such a natural light and full of cheer that even if he doesn't "get" what people are saying, his smile will have them smiling back and wanting to work with him.

Hey, Mom? Do you mind if I jump off this play structure?

Since the only time I have to work quietly is after the boys go to sleep and that is when John wants me to shut down and to go to bed, I'm finding it extremely challenging and frustrating to get done what I feel I need to! I'm used to long work days and multi-tasking but sometimes you just need some quiet to get quality work done.  John has very different responsibilities in the business and household than I do and although his are every bit as important in their own right, they don't require the same level of concentration at a computer. (i.e. web design, auction listings, marketing, emails, customer responses)  As our home's "Bonus Room" is our office and houses our desks and computers as well as the kids' computers / electronics and TV, it makes for a very chaotic work area when there are four people in attendance, especially if two of them are doing loud stimming. (Hint, I'm not one of the two...)

Right now it feels like I need a clone or more hours in the day. Respite care or a nanny is outside our financial budget and we don't have family or friends in the area, so like most families with challenges, we pray, make do and appreciate what we're given, try to work harder and more creatively to squeeze a little extra money and we try to turn oranges into orange juice. Pulp-free of course. (I was never all that fond of lemons or lemonade!)

Owning a business and working from home is a blessing but it is also a huge challenge when you have children, let alone kiddos with special needs. Please say a prayer for me that I'll successfully embrace the challenge of this summer and my own change in routine! 

I have so many skills I want to work on with the boys. I have books and articles I want to write. I have so much I want to do with selling our inventory from Count Your Beans and getting some excitement back in marketplace that is really in a slump.  I have so many thoughts and dreams for Aspierations and truly want to be involved in advocacy.  Every Sunday when I am at church, I know that I am meant to step out and do something big with Aspierations.  I just don't have my road map or GPS set yet.  I won't give up on my dreams though just like I'll never want my kids to settle for a label or think they have to live at status quo.   

If that means my routine is thrown off for the summer, so be it. Theirs is too and we all need to work together to see how we can adapt and be proactive instead of reactive.  Easier said than done, I know but I have faith!  With adversity, comes opportunity.  Without challenge, there would be no growth.  Embrace the road less traveled and enjoy the journey!

Here is to a summer that is anything but ROUTINE!

Thanks for stopping by!

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