Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tales from Camp Kiddo & Camp Meriwether - Tuesday Recap

Hello Aspierations Friends!

Today was Ryan's 2nd day at Camp Kiddo!  I am incredibly impressed with him and I'm even going to give a shout out to myself here because I got up two days in a row with the alarm.  (Of course, I knew both times that if I hit snooze, it would be all over and he'd never make it to camp on time so I had some motivation!)

Ryan's favorite color is orange and when he picked out his clothes this morning for camp, he chose a bright orange shirt with a siberian tiger cub on it (that's my boy!!) and orange checkered shorts.  He put on his bright yellow Fisher Price DUCK sunglasses, CARS themed tennis shoes and was eager to go!

When I was little, my favorite color was red.  I used to wear this red hooded sweatshirt all the time and my nickname in elementary school was "Karen the Red Baron".  (I had other nicknames too but this was probably the nicest!!)  As I got older, I developed a love for purple.  I also like black and teal and most jewel tones.  I'm definitely not into pastels.

Justin's favorite color so far has definitely been red and up until about 12 months ago, we thought Ryan might have liked blue but he indicated an extreme love and preference for orange when we went on our Krejcha family road trip last summer!  (Three weeks on the road cross country, 1 Autism Society of America Conference, tons of relatives, quite the adventure.)  On our trip we visited a lot of theme parks and every time Ryan had a chance to choose a ride he wanted to go on, he picked a car, bug, boat or vehicle that was bright orange.  Since that time, orange has definitely been his color!

I think it describes his sunny outlook as well.  Although he has challenges each day, he really enjoys smiling, laughing and being happy.  Each day on his calendar, he changes the date, day, weather and his mood and he almost always chooses "happy" and follows that up with a back-up of "silly".  Ryan is indeed a goofball, but a lovable one at that and we adore him!  I had never really been an orange person myself (if you look at my complexion, orange just doesn't look that hot on me) but in seeing Ryan's joy for the color, it has actually brought me a lot of cheer and I have to say, I'm coming around to seeing it as bright, positive and uplifting, just like Ry.

All went well during the morning drop-off and then I got back home, contemplated sneaking back to bed, realized I'd never wake up in time to pick up Ryan and decided to go to the computer and do work instead, getting the receipts done for packing, answering email and awaiting word from John as to if he'd be home in time to join me in picking up Ryan.

Well, John made it back in time and we headed off to Camp Kiddo, both of us eyeing each other exhaustedly but happy to have the comfort and familiarity of each other's company.  John had been looking forward to picking Ryan up so when Ryan had a major meltdown on the playground equipment at the time of pick-up, it was a bit of a bummer.  (He was having lots of fun and wanted us to wait 54 minutes before leaving the playground.  54 is his favorite number.  I offered 54 seconds but that didn't fly.)

He had apparently been "okay" for the instructors (their word)  but it was what they didn't say and how they looked (tired) that told the story that there had been some challenges. This was sports week and as such, all the kids do a lot of running around.  One of Ryan's favorite games is chase. (i.e. You tell me to come in from the playground or an activity and I'll run away until you catch me.)  He likes to test new adults that he comes into contact with by playing this self-created game.  He started out doing this in preschool until some social stories and strategies were implemented so that Ryan didn't have a group of frazzled teachers and assistants chasing him across the playground. Seriously, our son is FAST!

Before we left in the morning, I made sure to do joint compressions with Ry and told him to use his "dots and squeezies" if he had wild body but I think it was just one of those mornings where he was just a little off.  It's understandable considering all the schedule changes going on here.  I think I'll have him wear his weighted vest tomorrow before heading to camp.  I may even bring it with him.

Well, things eventually got back to our sense of normal in Krejchaland and despite everyone in the family being exhausted and spent, we all got along well and had a nice rest of the day together.  We all totally miss Justin and it was great to hear John's stories about the time he spent with him at camp.  Justin, when you read this on the 4th of July, we LOVE YOU and totally miss you!  We thought of you lots tonight during Wipeout and America's Got Talent!  Ryan saved the XXX and buzzes at the judging table for you and we'll all watch it together when you're home again!

I am going to turn over the rest of the story-telling about Justin's tales from Camp Meriwether to my husband, John who just posted a big blog over at Life and Times of John Krejcha.  I had contemplated not blogging tonight since I was so tired and leaving the writing to John but I saw it was past 11:00 p.m. and realized I had another opportunity to post a blog close to midnight.  Couldn't miss out on that!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  There will be more to share tomorrow and I appreciate those of you who visit and especially those of you who return.  By you being here, even if it's quietly from your side of the computer, you help fuel my enthusiasm to write, to further develop Aspierations, to allow me to come as I am and for me to let my light shine!  So here is to you!  :-)

Goodnight and See You Soon!

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