Monday, June 28, 2010

Making that Midnight Self-Imposed Deadline... Silly Me!

Hello Aspierations Readers!

If you happened to come across my blog back in April, I was really doing some power blogging back then.  In celebration of April being Autism Awareness month, I made a pledge to blog every single day that month.  To those of you out there who are prolific writers, that might seem easy.  To me, even though I certainly can and do create some lengthy posts, I have to feel inspired to write.  I have dealt with writer's block for years or what I termed in an earlier blog as "writer's dam."  (Check out my blogs from April 27th - Pontificating about Procrastinating and the beginning of April 3rd for more about this.)

Daily deadlines really don't do it for me and yet in April, I was able to get every day's entry in on time.  That was because I was very strongly dedicated to my commitment to do some sort of promotion toward Autism & Asperger's Awareness every day in April.  Integrity and accountability are very important to me.  So are my boys, big and small!!

I bring this all up because I noticed (and you will too if you read back through my April archives) that a LOT of my blog posts were being posted between 11:30 p.m. and midnight.  Recently, I've been finding myself back at that point again.  Last night I blew it and posted at 12:37 a.m. but the blog was started somewhere around 11:30 pm.   Funny thing is that I was really irked with myself for being late.  Ridiculous really!  It isn't like I'm some famous writer on a deadline with a huge fanbase of readers eagerly awaiting my next blog but I'm the kind of person who puts pressure on herself for all sorts of things!

Of course, if any of you out there in cyberland is a fan and is eagerly awaiting my next posting, you can always let me know! Sometimes I feel like I'm "talking" to myself out here.  :-)

Yes, I know these little "post by midnight" deadlines I impose upon myself are rather silly but it's just another one of those idiosyncrasies that makes up who I am.

If you want to know a little more about me and my tendencies, be sure to check out my Aspie Quiz post from Thursday, February 11th.  Take a look at my graph and the results below the graph.  Take the quiz on your own if you'd like and let me know how you compare.  I'm always interested in learning more about those who happen across my blog.

Here is a link:  Aspie Quiz!

If you ever want to find me online during Pacific Standard Time, you now know the best time to reach me!

I'll be blogging again in a few minutes because I have a lot to share about Monday!  This blog post was originally supposed to be about today's family adventures but being that I have a tendency to go off on a tangent, I'll leave this post as is and start another one with a different topic.  :-)  You get BONUS blogging from me today!

Have a wonderful evening / day / morning!
Let Your Light Shine!

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