Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Karate Kid in the Making - Tales from Camp Kiddo - Wednesday Edition

Hi Aspierations Friends,

Today was Ryan's 3rd day at Camp Kiddo.  The theme for the week is Wide World of Sports and they've been making crafts and playing games this week that have to do with the Olympics.

Since Ryan loves to take off and do the sprint and he daily jumps over many hurdles, it is an aptly themed week for him!  That being said, I think after yesterday's adventures at camp that we needed to help regulate his wild body and so today when John and I brought him to drop-off, he was wearing his specially made CARS weighted vest.

** By the way, the person, Michelle who made this weighted vest is incredibly talented.  She creates vests, weighted blankets and all sorts of products to help kiddos on the autism spectrum, with Sensory Processing Disorder and with ADHD.  She has had many years of experience as both a talented seamstress and as a mother to a great group of kids!  She has a great story, a fantastic array of products and fabrics and I highly recommend her.  Here is a link to Michelle's eBay Store, Natural Remedies for Autism ADHD.

Here Ryan models his vest with chewelry (safe chewable jewelry for kids that are extra oral) in his left hand, his Olympic Torch that he made in his right hand, his orange medal around his neck (because who needs gold when you can have ORANGE) and one of his delightful camp counselors, Ms. Emily.

As it turns out, Ryan was much more grounded at camp today and did fantastic.  I'm not sure if he wore his vest the whole time but he had it on when we left and when we returned and we were told his behavior was fantastic and that he was happy the whole time!  What a wonderful thing to hear!

There is Camp Evergreen going on in nearby rooms in the school and includes different age ranges up to age 12.  The kids sometimes get together for guest visitors and the guest today was a special Karate instructor named "Mr. K."  Well, apparently Ryan took to Mr. K and Mr. K took to Ryan.  Mr. K kept saying "Karate is for self-defense only!"

He must have said it many many times because Ms. Emily told us that Ryan started counting and keeping track of when he would say it.  Ryan's voice tends to have two volumes, super soft or very loud. When he is really excited, he often gets super quiet, unless of course it is Tom and Jerry and then all bets are off and the whole neighborhood can hear him.  He's louder than Foghorn Leghorn, I say, I say.... I say, boy!

So at one point, Mr. K. asked the group what Karate was for and Ryan shouted out, "Karate is for self-defense only!"  It sounds like Mr. K., Ms. Emily and all the adults got a huge kick out of that.  Wish I had seen it.

Ryan also really enjoys playing with the rice sensory bins in the Camp Kiddo classroom and was doing that when we arrived.

If you'll notice behind him, there is another counselor who is sweeping rice off the floor.  It's one of those inappropriate things to laugh about which I find pretty funny, but I have done rice bins with Ryan at home and I suspect that there was at least one or two times that he excitedly threw rice in the air like it was confetti.  (I mean seriously, people do throw rice at weddings, so it would only make sense that a 4 year old would want to join in the fun!)  Bless the camp counselors for their patience, kindness and acceptance!

I'm heading to bed early tonight because John is leaving back for Camp Meriwether tomorrow and even though he was home last night, I still had major problems sleeping. I can only imagine what Thursday and Friday will bring.

Brief Tangent Alert:  Have you ever seen the Fox TV show, "Lie To Me?"  I LOVE that show and find it very fascinating!  Anyway, there is a character on there named Eli Loker and for some reason, he keeps popping into my dreams in the weirdest ways.  Today, as I was trying to nap but was in one of those half-dream, half-hallucinatory states, I had a dream I was in a room judging microexpressions and the two people in the room I was monitoring were Eli Loker and Al Roker.  Seriously...  Eli Loker and Al Roker...  (If you don't find it funny, don't worry, you probably just had to be there.  Actually it was a tad disturbing!)

So as I was mentioning, I am going to try and head off and get some sleep early but before I go, I wanted to direct you over to John's blog again, Life and Times of John Krejcha for more tales about Camp Meriwether and Justin.  I totally miss my oldest son and can't wait to see my brown-eyed firstborn on Saturday!  I'm sure his last couple days were challenging and if John gets a chance to call from camp, I will post more details in my Thursday edition recap!  John, I hope you have a safe trip back and have an amazing adventure with Justin over the next couple of days.  I will hold up Camp Krejcha and take over all your high scores on Mario Kart Wii!

In closing....

Time to Check Out of Camp Kiddo for the day!

Goodbye everyone!  See you tomorrow!  :-)

Ryan has his camp torch burning bright to let his light shine!
Now it's your turn!

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