Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father of My Boys... A Happy Father's Day Poem to John


My first Father's Day post today was honoring my own Dad, Paul who is an amazing, strong, funny and honorable man.

This second post I wanted to be just for John.  Although I could go all "Hallmark" because I care to send the very best, this time I'll just be silly, quirky me.  It's who I am, it's what John would want, and it's a lot more fun anyway!

Incidentally, he is currently sitting at his desk waiting for me to finish "my blog" so that we can go to bed.  Not to put any pressure on me to be brilliant and hurry up my post.... but sheesh, can't you go just downstairs and play a little Mario Kart or Super Mario Brothers on the Wii while I type?  (Kidding, of course... well, sort of...)

Okay... how's this for bizarre?  He just looked at me, said "I'm going downstairs so that you don't feel any pressure on you. Go ahead and take your time.  I'm going to try out some of those new levels." (Gaming is for all ages in our family.)

Hip Hip Hooray!!!  I will now continue with my ode to John, my tribute to the Daddy of my kiddos, my Father's Day card for the world to see.  While I don't have time to build a small monument, hopefully you'll enjoy my creation!

And without further ado...

Happy Father's Day, John!

Father's Day means a day to relax,

A day not to work, to email or fax.

Taking time for yourself, without lots of noise...

Having me head the household, picking up all the toys.

Eat what you want, we'll go out and dine,

Ring up that tab, 'cause the bill will be mine!

Our days are so crazy with so much to do...

Forget all your worries, today is about YOU!

My love, I appreciate the man that you are.

Your Dadliness is awesome, the kids say "You're a STAR!"

Being there to support them is sexy and strong.

One day at a time, teaching right, diverting wrong.

You don't define by labels, you accept and empower...

So enjoy this day fully, 'cause I'll even let you SHOWER!!

**** I love you, John!  Thanks for being such an amazing father to Justin and Ryan and for being there for me as well!  Enjoy the day.... go crazy... maybe even take a BUBBLE BATH!!!  ****


copyright 2010, Karen Krejcha (because who else would come up with gems like this?)

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