Friday, May 21, 2010

Ryan's last Rambunctious Day at Age 3!

Look Mom!  I colored my belly button GREEN!!!

Hello Aspierations Blog Friends!

Today I come to you feeling proud but admittedly a bit melancholy.  Today is my youngest son's last day of being 3 years old.  To celebrate his last day of being three, he ran into the office today in his birthday suit!  Granted it was a bit premature but why not start the celebration early???

Ryan is an amazing kiddo and although he is quite a big boy turning 4 on Saturday, he is and will always be my baby.  Mommy's blue-eyed BaBa...

Ryan has been looking forward to his birthday for months!  It is exciting to see!  This is the first time we've seen such continuous excitement from him regarding a special occasion. When Ryan was diagnosed with autism almost two years ago, he wasn't speaking and he was doing very basic signs.  Imaginative play was something we could only imagine.  That being said, his smile still lit up the room and when his big blue eyes met mine, I felt connected.  My husband John and I weren't sure what the future held for him but we were and are very hopeful.  He has come so far these past couple of years!  It brings me to tears...

We want to make this a very Happy Birthday for him.  Ryan's favorite color is ORANGE, his special interest is CARS and one of his favorite foods is PIZZA so we're going to have a small family party that incorporates all three.

John, Justin, Ryan and I will be taking Ryan to Chuck E Cheese tomorrow for pizza, punch and plenty of playtime!  Ryan has been there a few times and he always lights up!  We went there for Justin's 10th Birthday Party, Ryan's Preschool Fundraiser and again for Ryan's 3rd birthday last year.  Why argue with a successful venture? 

We had to get a new digital camera today because our old one lost an important switch on it and there was no way we were not going to capture Ryan's special day.  Fortunately the cost of digital cameras has come down in recent years and what you get for the money has gone up so if I can spend a bit of time figuring this thing out, I'll hopefully have some photos to post here tomorrow evening after Ryan goes to bed!

Here's to you, Ryan Jonathan!!!!  Mommy, Daddy & Justin Love YOU!  You're a GREAT EGG and a wonderful CHILD!  BONUS!!!


  1. Happy 4th Birthday, Ryan! Have a fun day with your family!

    June S. in Las Vegas

  2. Happy belated birthday to Ryan. Green is an excellent colour for a belly button and contrasts nicely with the orange :) Clearly Ryan is a genius!

  3. Hi June & DJ!
    Thanks for your kind comments! Ryan had an amazing day. I just did an update blog today and my husband John did a great recap blog on the 22nd. (Links are in my update.)

    DJ, I laughed out loud when I read your post! Ryan was very motivated to have his belly button transform to green. He also tried decorating his legs, hair and feet before we caught him with the green marker. I think it took at least a week for us to get the green color completely out of his belly. He was very dedicated!!