Monday, April 26, 2010

Sleep is Great, Sleep is Fun, Sleep should be for Everyone!

Hello Aspierations Visitors!

Late to bed, early to rise.  I see a pattern forming here.  I'm not entirely sure that I approve!

Yes, I have to say that I do like my sleep.  In our house, we have a little jingle we sing. 

"Sleep is great, sleep is fun, sleep should be for everyone."
"Sleep is awesome, sleep is grand, people do it across the land."
"If you go and count your sheep, you can get lots of sleep!"
"Sleep is fun, sleep is fine, especially when you get up after nine!"

Do you sense a Grammy award in our future?  Perhaps a #1 single on I-Tunes?  A hit for the next American Idol?  Dare me to put it up on YouTube?  Well, maybe not...  The point is that the boys and I have lots of fun with our silly little jingles!

Speaking of which, I've been singing to Justin and Ryan since they were babies.  Great bonding time, especially during late night feedings, early morning taste tests, late morning milk runs, early afternoon eatings, late afternoon snacks, early dinners and midnight munchies!  Although there are some classics, I think the songs the boys always enjoyed most were ones I made up. 

If I were to have a record album, or should I say, "Best Hits CD", these would be some of our family's favorite tunes.  Titles below.  Remember, each comprises an entire original hit song voted platinum by our two boys!

By the way, even though I'm only sharing snippets with you, if our song titles or lyrics seem to rival the same type of repetitive lyrics as Boy George from the 80s, this is purely unintentional, although it does make memorizing the words a lot easier!

1) La La La La Loo, Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Moo
You're such a good little boy, with or with out sucky toy, la la la la loo!

2) Your name is Justin, your name is Justin and you're the best brown eyed baby in the world!

That was a classic from 1999. In 2006, it was remixed and remastered.

3) Your name is Ryan and I'm not lying, you're the best blue eyed baby in the world!

4) Mommy's little baby is Justin, Justin, Mommy's little baby is Justin Paul.
He's a good baby, he's a great baby, fantastic baby, Justin Paul.
Mommy really loves her Justin, Justin, Mommy really loves her Justin Paul.

Well, of course, I had to follow that up with:

5) Mommy's little baby is Ryan Jonathan, Mommy's little baby is Ryan Jonathan.

6) Mommy's Cover of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Frankie Valli

7) Mommy's cover of "Somebody" by Depeche Mode (This was the first dance song at our wedding!)

8) Baby face, you've got the cutest little baby face. (When I was a little girl, we had a cute poodle and I used to sing "Doggy Face" to him as he would twirl around doing pirouettes!  I too would try to do pirouettes but I was TU TU uncoordinated!)

9) I want a Ryan-potamus for Christmas and only a Ryan-potamus will do.  (Yeah, I ripped off that Hippo song!)

10) (TIE) Theme Songs from Survivor & Amazing Race - with contestant names belted out in song during opening credits.  These are great little dance numbers too.  Ryan is currently leading a spin class on Thursday and Sunday night if anyone out there is available!

I may be leaving some other classics out.  I do remember At 3:00 a.m., the boys as babies and toddlers both seemed to really enjoy show tunes from "Annie Get Your Gun", "Sound of Music" and "Grease".  Of course, I was in those musicals when I was younger so the songs are engrained in my memory.  I figure if it's 3 a.m., they're up and I am up, any song that puts them to sleep works for me!

You know, this wasn't initially going to be a blog posting about bedtime songs with silly lyrics but after the long and hectic work day John and I had today, posting something light-hearted is actually lifting my spirits!

I think it's awesome to share the love of singing and dancing with the kiddos. It's one of those things we can share as a family and being on the autism spectrum doesn't come into play when we're singing and dancing our hearts out around the house in silly ways.  One or two of the males in the family might need some singing lessons but hey, we could all use a little auto-tune sometimes!

Any other families out there create their own original music or sing showtunes in the wee hours of the morning?  If so, please share!  We're always looking to diversify and add tunes for a future album!


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