Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reflections from Camping and Going Off of Routine

Hello Everyone!

On Sundays we usually have a routine of getting up, going to church, coming back home, having lunch and a little time with the boys, working, going on a family walk, working, having dinner, playing with the boys, working, watching Amazing Race (& Undercover Boss when it was on), working, putting the kids to bed, working and then going to bed around 1:00 a.m. and watching Celebrity Apprentice on TiVO.

This Sunday our routine was way off!  If you haven't visited my postings for the past couple of days, please feel free to check out Friday's blog, Mommy & Ryan Time - More Eyeball and Saturday's blog, Camping In The Present, Camping In The Past - Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts.

In a nutshell, Justin was gone from Friday afternoon until around Sunday at noon at his first Boy Scout camping trip!  John was with him Friday afternoon, Friday night, came home during the day Saturday and then went back Saturday early evening to finish up the weekend adventure.

Justin's has Asperger's Syndrome and this first weekend trip camping as a Boy Scout was one where we knew there would be some adversities and some triumphs.  I am so So SO very proud of my amazing son, Justin and I thank John for all the help and Dad support he provided our firstborn in one of his first big steps toward adolescence.

The weekend at camp was not without its challenges but I'll let you read John's blogs for that. John's blogs are highly entertaining and these two were quite meaningful.

Saturday's entry was Cold, Wet, Tired But Proud and I Would Do It Again.
Sunday's entry was Part Two of The Camping Trip

Part two was for the period of Saturday during the day when John as not there until the end of the trip.  As expected, food was a major challenge but Justin was a real trooper and Dad snuck in some goodies for Justin when he went back on Saturday night. 

I was REALLY impressed with how he handled the combination of rain (in Washington? Who would have thought it?), lack of food, exercise, lack of sleep, not knowing many people (his closest friends and previous Cub Scout den members weren't on this trip) and trying to do tasks that were physically challenging.  He told John that it was "the hardest day of his life".  I think though in the end, he was really proud of himself and I am so happy he did not give up.  If you're reading this, Justin, YOU ARE A WINNER!!!  I am PROUD and I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Naturally due to the scouting trip, our Sunday schedule was thrown off and I think everyone around here was a little on-edge from the routine-free weekend.  It was an "okay" day around the house and I'll leave it at that.  Ryan still is sick.  I think I'm catching it.  Hopefully John and Justin won't!

If you've been a follower of my previous postings, you may remember reading that my husband and I own Count Your Beans, an online doll and bear store that sells through our on website, eBay and Amazon.  Well, tomorrow is a big day for us.  Sort of make or break in some ways.  Our biggest vendor, Charisma Brands (manufacturer of Marie Osmond dolls, Kewpie dolls, Artista dolls, Adora Dolls, Penny Brite, Candy Fashion, Whispering Willows and Paradise Galleries) is having its first Marie Osmond doll show on QVC since October of 2009.

This is the longest that I can remember in our 10 years of carrying Marie's dolls that she's ever gone without having a show on QVC.  Tomorrow's show is just an hour.  Even though QVC is a competitor, it is Marie's shows on QVC which dramatically impact how many new release collection dolls we're going to sell.  Given that the economy hasn't been too kind to many dolls, bears and collectibles manufacturers and retailers over the past year, we are REALLY hoping this show tomorrow is going to go well.

As such, I need to cut my blog short tonight and get back to work preparing for tomorrow.  In the morning we're participating in a preview online of the Marie Osmond August Collection and then the show is from 2 - 3 p.m. PST.  We also have shipping, getting the boys to school and our normal busy Monday routine. 

Please wish us luck that things will go well!  Being able to work at home and be able to give our kids the extra time and support they need is predicated on us being able to have a successful business.  Here's hoping for the best!

Thanks for stopping by!

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