Friday, April 23, 2010

Mommy & Ryan Time - More Eyeball

Hello everyone!

We usually celebrate Friday Family Night at our house each week with a special dinner, some family games, maybe a family walk and some quality time together.

This Friday things were a little bit different.  John and Justin are off camping together this weekend with the Boy Scouts so it has been me and Ryan since about 4:00 p.m.  I sure miss J & J!

This is Justin's 1st camping trip as a Boy Scout and not a Cub Scout.  John and I both thought it would be best if John went along at least for the first night.  Fortunately the camp is only about 20 minutes or so away from here and so John will come home for some time during the day on Saturday and get a chance to shower and refresh himself.  I kind of get the feeling he and Justin won't be getting much sleep this weekend.  As a matter of fact, I'm posting here now that I will do my best to be patient, loving and kind because when our family goes without sleep and we deviate quite a bit from routine, crankiness has a tendency to enter the picture.

Ryan and I had a lot of quality time together.  He tried really hard to get into as much mischief as possible and I think if he were to reflect back upon the day's accomplishments, he'd be very pleased with himself.  He tends to try and get away with things more with me, I think. 

We enjoyed one of Ryan's favorite made-up games called "Eyeball".  I have blogged about Eyeball before.  It's a game where we have a small plastic pool filled with plastic balls of varying sizes  and colors and we sort of go crazy playing catch, throwing, rolling, kicking, bouncing and shouting out random exclamations like "WATCH OUT FOR MY EYEBALL" and "Eyeball, you hurt me!"  I know you might be thinking this is a bit odd, but don't knock it until you try it!

We also hung out a bit playing Mario Kart Wii Coin Runners and Balloon Battle.  Every time I went away to take a very QUICK bathroom break, Ryan would wreak havoc and try to escape out the front door.  Once he succeeded and then thought it would be funny to drop his pants and try to pee on the porch.  Ohhhhh, hilarity indeed!  I REALLY hope our neighbors didn't catch any of this. 

By 9:30 p.m. we were both worn out.  I gave Ryan a bit of cold medicine, did our nightly kiss, hug and toss and tucked him into bed. 

I really wanted to talk with John on the phone but for some reason our phone lines were down and I had to send John a text message through the computer instead.  Fortunately, he got it.  Luckily his return texting skills were better than Rod Blagojevich's recent showing on the Celebrity Apprentice! 

Speaking of that show, I just read that Bret Michaels was rushed into the hospital yesterday for a brain hemorrhage.  Apparently he is in critical condition but is now stabilized.  He is certainly in our thoughts and prayers.  I really didn't know much about Bret before Celebrity Apprentice but he seems like a guy with a really big heart who loves his daughter and is passionate about winning money for Juvenile Diabetes awareness and the American Diabetes Association.  I hope he recovers soon!

Well, that's all for tonight!   I sure do miss J & J!  Love you guys!

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