Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday ~ Wish It Was Sunday!

Okay, quick!!  Who out there reading this blog is old enough to remember this??

Am I dating myself???

Yes, that was "Manic Monday" as sung in 1986 by The Bangles.  As an interesting bit of trivia, Prince also known as "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince" aka some symbol nobody knows how to pronounce was actually the writer of the song. 

I admit that I was an 80s Pop / New Wave / Modern Rock kinda gal and if you saw my hair at the time or my attempts to coordinate a cool wardrobe, you'd be pleased to know that although I still enjoy the music, I no longer embrace the fashion or hairstyles!

Anyway, the reason I posted the video above, other than to show how old I am was because around the Krejcha family household, every Monday seems to be a Manic Monday!  Kiddos back to school, trying to get back into the school day routine, Boy Scout meeting in the evening for Justin and of course work!

We work pretty much 7 days a week at all sorts of weird hours, however Mondays are generally one of our busiest email days and shipping days at Count Your Beans, although unfortunately lately, our niche selling of dolls and bears has been hit pretty hard by the economy.  We're thinking positively though and working creatively! 

One of our main vendors, Charisma Brands and Marie Osmond Dolls is going to be showing their Spring collection next week on QVC, we are hoping to get a boost from that show.  For those of you new to my blog or who don't know, my husband John and I own an online Dolls, Bears & Collectibles business and we work from home so we have the opportunity to also be able to attend to the special needs of our two boys.  We started our business 11 years ago and are so thankful for the opportunities it has presented us to be able to care for our children. 

I didn't mean to go off on a tangent about our business since we do have our own Count Your Beans business blog.  If you happen to know anyone who likes dolls or bears, we certainly do appreciate your referral though!  We have over 20,000 positive references on eBay and we've served thousands of customers online through our website as well.

I often wonder what some of our Count Your Beans customers would think if they visited Aspierations.  Admittedly, I have worried that because I disclose information about my personal life that certain kinds of people might feel awkward continuing to work with us.  Naturally I don't disclose anything unprofessional but I'm sure there are those of you out there that have been discriminated against or treated differently or awkwardly once others found that you or your children had an autism spectrum disorder. 

I suppose if we lost a customer because of that reason then it really wasn't a working relationship that was meant to be.  Although I can be a people pleaser to a fault, I've learned that sometimes you just can't make everyone happy no matter how hard you try. 

For me, knowing that you can't please everyone and truly being able to "get it in the moment" that it happens and be able to let it go are two different things.  When it comes to business and customer service, I suppose it's an excellent trait to have, at least as far as the customer is concerned.  

When it comes to personal things such as decision-making or trying to appease multiple family members at the same time who have differing opinions and I feel caught in the middle, it's another story altogether!  I don't know how many times I've tried to play people-pleaser middleman trying to make everyone happy and apologizing for miscommunications or misunderstandings and then later replaying the incident through my head wondering if I should have done things differently.  I'm going through a personal situation like that now and my tendency to be a Monday morning quarterback and then a Tuesday morning quarterback and then 2 years later, a Wednesday morning quarterback can really be stressful!  Arrgh!  Is that a personality trait, a female trait, an Aspie trait or something else?  (Not surprisingly, this paragraph has been edited multiple times...)

Well, Monday is coming to a close, so I'd better get today's blog published!  I'll be blogging every day this month at Aspierations in support of Autism Awareness month and I invite you to come back again or check out some of my previous postings!  Some are heavy, deep and real, some are creative, some are humorous (hopefully); all are from my heart!

Wishing you a great rest of the week wherever you are!

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