Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mom ~ Thanks for being YOU!


Today is my Mom's 79th birthday.  I know that my Mom and my Dad occasionally read my blog so someday in the not too distant future when they happen to feel like checking out my prolific ramblings writings, I want Mom to know that today's blog was marked with an entry commemorating her special day.

My Mom is an amazing woman and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  She is wonderful to me, my husband, Justin and Ryan.  She loves us unconditionally.  She has tremendous moral character, a sweet kindness and thoughtfulness that is unparalleled. She's an awesome cook and despite my being her polar opposite when it comes to neatness, cooking and domestic skills, she survived raising me! That deserves at least a medal, if not a small monument!

I really do miss celebrating my Mom's birthday with her, my Dad and our family.  When we lived in California which was basically all my life up until July of 2007, we would almost always celebrate family birthdays at the home of my parents.  Sometimes we would go out to a family-friendly restaurant like Fresh Choice, Marie Callendar's or The Olive Garden for dinner but we'd all inevitably end up at Mom & Dad's for dessert for some creatively off-key (I'm talking about you, John) birthday singing, present opening and family time. 

No matter whose birthday it was, my Mom always had a small set of colorful round plastic balloons that would end up strategically placed somewhere on the honoree's birthday cake.  It was a cute and quirky tradition and we loved it.  When our family moved to Washington in summer of 2007, my Mom sent the balloons to be with us as a reminder of all the special birthdays we had spent with them.  Since that time, the balloons have always found a way to grace the Krejcha family cake.

Here the balloons are on the special eebee baby cake that John, Justin and I made especially for Ryan's 2nd birthday.  Ryan's special interest at that time was eebee and eebee made it through some amazing challenges and triumphs!  This will always be one of my favorite cakes of all time!

Here the balloons are again on Justin's 9th birthday cake!

Later this summer my Dad will turn 80 and we are going to do our best to make it down to California to celebrate.  The balloons will be coming with us, of course!

For my Mom's birthday, Justin decided to make his "Gram" a special birthday DVD.  Computer software presentations and programming are two of Justin's very special interests.  Rather than just make a card, he thought it would be special to incorporate Gram's name, birthday and special birthday messages into a cute video which included lots of road signs (another special interest), billboards and unique flashing graphics.   It was totally Justin.  He had scrolling credits, he had dedications and after my parents watched it, my Dad commented that he should hook Justin up with a producer friend in Hollywood.  Hey, you never know!  Justin right now at 10 has his career path set on computer video game design and creating the next Microsoft but cinematography and online filmmaking could fit into his schedule if the timing is right!

Ryan colored a special card for his Gram in his very favorite color, orangeRyan's big special interest right now his anything related to CARS and counting so in honor of Gram's birthday, he counted to her age tonight.  I'm sure Gram appreciated the reminder, LOL! 

Here is to a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom!!  Love You & Miss You!


 Karen, John, Justin and Ryan

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