Thursday, February 4, 2010

HOORAY for Bouncing! Hooray for the Big Boy Bed!

Our youngest son Ryan was diagnosed with Autism shortly after he turned two.  I will share the story of his diagnosis and the Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis of his older brother Justin in a different post.   Today, let's go just a little lighter!  (If you've read my previous blog posting, Before I Knew I Was An Aspie, My Puzzle Piece Never Fit, you'll know I shared a lot of personal heavy, deep and real stuff and I'd like to set a lighter, more cheery tone for tonight's posting.)

Ryan is a VERY active little guy!  He loves to be in motion and uses spinning, jumping and running in circles to help regulate himself.  Unfortunately, he also seems to know no fear so it often feels like we're in constant motion trying to make sure he stays safe!

When the end of the day looks like this one, it has been an amazing day, indeed!

So active, so fearless....  and yet so cherubic as well!

As with many parents of kids on the autism spectrum, our boys often have a very hard time falling asleep.  Our oldest son who is 10 has some real challenges with this.  We are trying melatonin supplements and it does seem to help sometimes.   (For now, we'll take SOMETIMES as it is certainly an improvement!)

Staying asleep is a bigger issue for our youngest son.  It is really rare that he goes through a night without waking up at least a few times and he's currently 3 1/2. 

However.... last night... for the first night in I don't know how many months, Ryan slept through the night.  I would like to attribute it to our amazing parenting skills but chances are that our little energizer bunny got tuckered out through energy exerted bouncing on his brand new BIG BOY BED.


Yes, the BIG BOY BED complete with CARS sheets, CARS pillowcases and an amazingly comfy Snowman comforter is now THE place to be in the house for all those who are 3 1/2!

Ryan had been falling asleep in our office recliner chair for about a year before being placed in his previous bed (a crib / daybed) that he had almost outgrown. (Yes, we tried many many things to get him to fall asleep first in his own bed but we went with what worked and besides, the recliner in our office IS a pretty darn awesome chair!) 

John and I had an epiphany that if we got Ryan a big boy bed like his big brother's (who he happens to ADORE), maybe, just MAYBE, it would encourage him to fall asleep in his room and (dare we ask too much) maybe even sleep through the night.

Tonight is night # 2 in the Big Boy bed

Ryan has already planned a sleepover with Justin for Friday night

Now I realize that sleep issues in this household are far from being over, but when sleep is a premium and you don't get enough of it, you really, REALLY appreciate it when you are able to get a good night of uninterrupted sleep.

Here is hoping that night 2 in the Big Boy Bed will be just as blissful as the first!

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~ Karen


  1. I hope so too!

    I never bounced on my bed when I was Ryan's age because it was wood and kept to the wall.

  2. Hi Adelaide!
    You know, it's never too late to start bouncing on beds. I've been known as an adult to occasionally get a bounce or two in on a hotel bed...

    Of course some hotel personnel might not appreciate this disclosure. :-)

    For now, most of bouncing is lived vicariously through Ryan!

    Thanks for stopping by!