Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recovering From The Flu - Back Into the World of Blogging

Hi Everyone!

It's me, Karen from Aspierations.  (Like it would be someone else?  Perhaps the Easter Bunny?)

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a number of days. I got into a fight with a giant bug last Thursday night.  I think his name was Stomach Flu although he knocked me out before I could be formally introduced! 

For the past few days, my attempts at blogging between hallucinatory dreams and trips to see if all the bathroom fixtures were still intact have mainly consisted of thinking about writing, analyzing my writing (and everything else that came into my racing mind), writing 100 blogs in my head 68 times each, visualizing the screenplay for a murder mystery I've been writing in my head for years, watching the story come to fruition and gross billions of dollars, walking the red carpet (and not tripping), accepting my Academy Award (for both writing and acting) and thanking my husband, kiddos, parents, God and my Aspierations for making it all possible. (Yes, folks, Nyquil Nighttime Cold & Flu medication can be pretty powerful stuff...)

From time to time, the realization would hit me that I hadn't actually "done anything" in terms of putting fingers to keyboard, so further attempts to blog consisted of dragging my aching body down the hall from my bedroom to the office to sit at the computer where I would subsequently look at the computer screen.  Sometimes I'd even turn it on.

During the times that my AOL welcomed me to inform me that I did indeed have mail (and why wasn't I answering it?), it occurred to me that the letters on the screen made me quite dizzy.  As such, my valiant attempts at blogging would generally end up in me stumbling back down the hallway to the bedroom, trying not to bump into the walls that tend to throw themselves mysteriously in my way and then landing in my bed and crashing. 

I'm back at about 80% and wanted to thank everyone who left kind and well wishes on my twitter account, Facebook account and email. (Hey, when you have a virus, why not use viral marketing to spread the word?)

Now that I feel comfy with my bottom planted to the computer chair, I have emails and work stuff to catch up on but I wanted to make sure I got in a little personal blogging too.  My husband John from Life and Times of John Krejcha has been so awesome these past few days while I've been sick.  He really stepped up to the plate to help me out and I feel so grateful and lucky to have a man who doesn't mind doing that kind of stuff.  I tend to freak out a little bit when I'm sick and long for the days when my mom would make me chicken soup.  (Smells, tastes, sensory stuff are already a challenge for me but when I'm sick, it just seems to amplify.  I'm sure the Asperger's doesn't help.)

Our boys have been amazingly well-behaved as well.  Not too many meltdowns and lots of time playing with each other and their Daddy.  What a blessing!  Unfortunately, Justin and Ryan also recently went through a spell of sickness but fortunately, theirs didn't last too long and now they seem to currently be back to their chipper selves.

I have some work to catch up on but hope to be back to personal blogging again at Aspierations within the next 24 - 48 hours.  The positive thing about spending so much time in bed is that I was able to do some really interesting self-analysis and I came up with a lot of interesting future blog topics I'm looking forward to sharing with you.

One of those topics has to do with how I think that Aspies and those on the autism spectrum tend to naturally migrate towards others on the spectrum as well.   I also think that there are a LOT more adult women and men that are in their 30s, 40s and above who are not diagnosed but many will become aware as / if they have their own children.

I have a lot to share about this from personal experience growing up and as a Mom, I'm watching it take place with my boys now too.  Interesting stuff.  I look forward to hearing other perspectives too.

Feel free to say hi, hello or whatever!  Anonymous or not, it's all good with me!


  1. Hello Karen,

    I am so glad that you are getting back on your feet (without the walls jumping out at you).

    I know that you said you had written two Aspie books in your head that last two days. Lets get them out on paper. I am here to support you and Love you forever.

    Johnny Cat

  2. Great job Karen ! I've always loved the way you write, you are soooo talented and I'm glad to see you are sharing this gift with others. Know that God walks with you and John and the boys every step of your journey. I've told you this in the past and will continue to tell you what an awesome job you and John are doing parenting Justin and Ryan. I love you all so very, very much ! Mom/Gramma Jan